Membership - Edgewood Pool & Community Center

Membership 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Summer Season for the Edgewood Pool & Community Center!

Membership is open to everyone. We are currently FULL for the 2022 season, you can sign up on our wait list below. 

If you have any questions about joining the pool, please contact us at

Membership & Fees

Membership Type

Full Season Price

Household Membership 


 Single Adult Membership


 Single Senior Membership (60+)


Minor Add-On* 


Guest Day Use Fee**


Edgewood Community Park Membership***


*Minors may be added to any membership.
**Guests must be accompanied by a member and may only come 5 times. If you anticipate needing to bring a family friend more than 5 times, we recommend the Minor add-on.

***Edgewood Community Park Membership is for those who enjoy using the park year round and want to help with park maintenance. This membership does not include entry to the pool.  Edgewood Pool Community Park Membership 

Pool Season and Hours

Opening Day -  June 17,  2022
Mid-Season Closure - Single Day if Needed (Pool Maintenance Day)

Closing weekend of the season:  September TBD, 2021

Pool hours are 1-8 pm

Adult Swim hours are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 12 - 1 pm

The procedure is to go to the Sign-in desk near the gate entrance and check-in with the pool monitor. Please sign in any non-member guest(s) and pay the appropriate fee. This must be done every time you use the pool.

Pool Closures
At times, there may be a need to close the pool due to weather concerns, mechanical, or water quality problems. If there is an unscheduled closure, staff will remain on site so children will not be left unattended and the phone will be made available at this time.

All guests will pay $5 per person per visit for five times only. Guests should bring exact change or you may purchase a guest pass online. All guests must be accompanied by a member, and must sign in. Minors can be added to memberships for $80 if you anticipate bringing a family friend more than five times.

Pool Parties/Events
We are not booking private parties at this time. If you wish to plan a party or a large gathering at the pool please fill out a party request form at least 2 weeks in advance. Request forms and pool party policies can be found in the sign-in desk or you can fill one out an 
inquiry form here.

In fairness to our lifeguards, we ask all members to realize the importance of their duties and assist them by obeying the rules. Their job is to provide a safe environment by enforcing the rules. Our lifeguards are not childcare providers. Any compliments, complaints, or suggestions should be sent to

Pool Rules
A full copy of the rules is posted on the bulletin board. It is also available
online at our on our website. We must insist on strict adherence to the rules and regulations to be sure that the pool is safe for all. Lifeguards must be obeyed at all times. Violation of pool rules can result in suspension of pool privileges. Any blatant or continued violation of rules or misconduct can result in cancellation of a family's membership without a refund.

  • If pool capacity reaches 45 people a wait list will start.
  • No shared pool toys.
  • Bring your own chair. 
  • Shower before entering the pool.
  • There will be a five-ten minute break every hour on the hour for our lifeguard. The pool will be cleared at this time.
  • An adult must accompany children under 10 years of age, regardless of the results of the deep-water test.
  • All diapers, including disposables, must be covered by plastic or rubber pants.
  • Suntan oil and water-soluble suntan lotions are banned from the pool. Please use only water resistant or waterproof suntan lotions.

Respecting our Neighbors
Neighbors surrounding the pool appreciate our efforts to reduce traffic, parking, litter, and noise when the pool is open. The greatest impact occurs on Mill Street. It would be helpful if some members also used the High Street entrance. With your help, we can get along with our neighbors.


  • Drive with special care
  • Do not turn around in driveways
  • Please do not double park
  • Do not use your car horn to summon your children
  • Use the pool's trash cans
  • Keep dogs on a leash under the control of an adult at all times and clean up after them
  • Do not park in front of the fire hydrants or driveways

The Edgewood Pool & Community Center is looking forward to a great 2022 season and we hope to see you there!