Fundraising - Edgewood Pool & Community Center


Hello, Friends of Edgewood Pool!

I would like to personally thank you for the support and encouragement you’ve shown for the Pool and its new Board! We learned a lot this year. And we couldn’t have achieved record-breaking membership numbers without your enthusiasm! However, the reality is that the pool needs a tremendous amount of maintenance and improvements. Our current operational budget is barely enough to cover our off-season expenses, let alone fund the many maintenance projects that must be addressed before we can open next season.

We Need Your Help
We hope you will consider Edgewood Pool as you plan for your end-of-year-giving. There are a number of ways you can contribute, from in-kind gifts, financial contributions or volunteering your time. We will be sharing opportunities regularly over the next month, with a big push happening on Giving Tuesday (Dec 3rd). If you know you’d already like to contribute to our nonprofit pool, Donate Here! Or you can choose us for your Amazon Smile Charity just choose, Edgewood Pool & Community Center.

Know Anyone Who Can Donate These Items?
To get the ball rolling, we are seeking in-kind gifts to beautify our pool and make it more functional.

  • Lumber: we need to rebuild our lifeguard chairs this year as they are no longer safe for use.
  • Tree Trimming Services: we need both dead limb removal as well as pruning to care for our beautiful grove of trees in the park.
  • Half-light Door: the door to our pool house is rotting and also does not meet the current health code and needs to be replaced before next season.
  • Paint: guard chairs and other touch-ups.
  • Patio Furniture: this was the number one request in our end-of-season survey, and we would love to upgrade our seating options. We had to get rid of a number of the chairs last year and I’m sure we will find the same this coming season.
  • Sign Printing: we would like to create a number of new signs for our pool policies as well as for the park.
  • 2 iPads: These can be used or refurbished as long as they are functional and support iOS version 11 or higher. These will be used to upgrade our member sign-in procedures and create a point of sale system to support concessions, merchandise, and payment at any special events.

The more of these items we receive, the less cash we need to raise! Are you or someone you know able to help fill one of these needs? If so, please contact us at or send us a message on Facebook!

Thank you for your continued support, let’s make 2020 our best season yet!

Danielle Livingston
Board President