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Hello friends of Edgewood Pool!

Our beloved community pool is failing. This aging facility was built 60 years ago as an HOA neighborhood pool. Even in 1963 it was never designed or built to maintain the consistent high level of use that we place upon it. The infrastructure is out of date and we continue to discover weaknesses.  The board has invested in improvements, repairs and needed maintenance over the past five years which has kept us (mostly) open. This season we have had to shut down on two separate days due to cloudy water. It is uncertain how long the current pool can be maintained. We need a stronger filtration system to handle our volume BUT we cannot install such a system because our antiquated plumbing cannot handle the load. We cannot replace our plumbing because it is in and under the concrete pool. Our facilities crew is working 7 days a week to keep things operational but struggling given the challenges we are facing every day.

We are at the point where simple improvements cannot be made to the current pool. In order to save the Edgewood Community Pool we need to rebuild it.


A new pool would provide us:

  • A modern filtration system that can keep up with our volume 
  • Facilities that can be managed easily by a pool company and a reasonable amount of volunteer effort
  • Address accessibility in/out and around the pool
  • Accommodate current membership and the waitlist
  • A larger safer space for our membership 
So what’s next?
This year, the Board formed a capital campaign committee to start the work of fundraising for this project. We launched a member survey and incorporated your valuable feedback into our conceptual designs for the new pool. We had a wonderful end of season gathering in August and talked with our members and neighbors about our vision. We received incredibly positive feedback on the initial renderings and plans. The first phase of this campaign is to raise early money to fund the due diligence required to make this a reality. This money will go towards things like technical drawings which are necessary to get bids for the project. This phase will inform the capital committee about what it will cost to save the pool and how to proceed.
Since 1963 the Edgewood pool has been a cherished community resource. It has provided a place for the community to come together and learn the life skill of swimming. Throughout those 60 years volunteers have kept the pool open and operational. Once again we need your help. If we want to keep the Edgewood Pool open for our kids, and for the next generation of kids, it is up to us to save the pool. Please help us!

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